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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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president pledges of the opposition will have a say. and. investigate. sanctions on syria one sided pressure just. russia's foreign minister condemns the west for ignoring atrocities committed by opposition groups who he says aims to create a humanitarian catastrophe in the country. before ukrainian prime ministers support stormed the court building. seven year jail term for power abuses being appealed. the coming end to the war in iraq people say that after nine years of occupation all the u.s. troops are leaving behind a political infighting destroyed infrastructure security. global
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news from moscow this is a. president to me treatment has promised that all reports of violations during russia's recent parliamentary poll will be looked into he made the comments as he met with the leaders of the parties elected for the state duma and let's get more of the. study by for us live here in central moscow. president medvedev said at the meeting and tell us how the post-election situation developing here in russia well this is. a united russia the communist party. now some of the things the other thing. the. once again. claims are going to be fully investigated and he will say state of the
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role of the opposition again to have to play in the need. saying that they should have shut the committee. closely united russia losing the parliamentary majority that t. thirds majority it is seen as the election results were announced we had you know is russia talking about the fact that they will have to work much place with the opposition in the feature. some compromises now you also told about the importance of including also. in the political process of these talks of course coming on the back of the tens of thousands of people taking to the streets over the weekend they were calling for a rerun of the parliamentary elections amongst other things now we've seen russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov throw his hat into the ring announcing his decision to join in the race for the president to candidacy that's going to happen in march
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now he joins the full of the candidates in his official registrations expected within a couple of days reaction to the news from him was certainly mixed in the polls he's been best to ninth in american basketball. for his exploits as russia's most eligible bachelor the last three years but in recent times we've seen him playing the political field instead of the opinions makes as he said analysts and some of the protesters he told us that we can say no when it's highly sure about mikhail prokhorov political intentions but nonetheless he does intense joy in the presidential race now another russian billionaire being raising eyebrows is the chief executive of one of the biggest media holdings here mushnick homicide and he's also a better name in the west having a major shareholding and also football club now he's to some control the sea off the firing the c.e.o. and chief editor of one of his magazines. they published a. piece of the c.
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language they ran not maybe five now closed. outcry some journalists base inside and outside the country claims abuses of human rights and freedom of speech as well now. that ongoing at the moment does. not raising some eyebrows this he said things this is he keeping life in this post election for this a cool day all right. live in a central moscow thank you. now five minutes past the hour here russia's foreign minister has accused the west of turning a blind eye to the opposition groups in syria which aim to destabilize the situation there and create further coals for foreign intervention so he left office repeated his belief that a one sided approach to resolving the country's crisis is wrong and wants both sides to hold dialogue to broker peace. explains. foreign minister lavrov
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slammed the west for what it says is a one sided approach by some western states to the situation in syria he says that instead of looking for ways to bring peace to the country more pressure is being applied on the syrian authorities while the atrocities committed by some of the pro western groups within the syrian opposition are being ignored and these groups use hostile and aggressive tactics which only rock the boat and worsen the crisis even further but it's not at all the preserve of our partners who are calling on us to be decisive don't want to condemn violence committed so the extremist groups which have become increasingly active in syria in the city of homes several blocks have been occupied by militants they regularly attack army posts as well as administrative buildings hospitals schools police patrols and public transport i think there's no doubt that their goal is to provoke a humanitarian crisis to have an excuse to coup for outside intervention. to go off
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an attitude that presenting these hostilities as the syrian opposition its efforts to gain democracy by some western states is an inadequate approach at the moment he stressed that the libyan scenario cannot be repeated in syria and reminded that russia and china are putting forward their draft resolution on syria to be a u.n. security council which condemns the violence but does not give way for any foreign military intervention in the country and said that accusing russia of hampering the work of the un security council in these conditions is immoral elbow foreign ministers including of course the i was serious with algeria being one of the keep whereas in the arab league have also called for syrian authorities to allow monitors from the organizations to enter the country see what's going on there on the spot and actually said go also said that. wanted monitors from the bric
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countries could also drawing them meaning brazil russia india china of course. reporting the violence in syria that split the country for nine months now. with. five thousand people according to the latest u.n. estimates but syria's ambassador to the organization has dismissed the allegations as quote incredible. questioning the source of the figures. there are definite questions on the credibility of the syrian human rights over tare particularly when it comes to the number of victims that. the government you can watch our full interview with a specialist on the region. so with us also plenty of other. news right now. a deadly attack.
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at least two people have been killed dozens injured in a gun and grenade assault. on a belgian capital so what exactly happened what's the situation right now. well yes this deadly attack did happen in. about eighty kilometers from brussels here it happened around twelve thirty noon and that's around lunchtime this is in the city center of you could get quite busy at that time now what happened preliminary reports say that about two or three assailants threw a hand grenades at a bus stop and it's also reported that there was one carrying a kalashnikov again that has to be confirmed exactly how the attack happened but then there were explosions and there are a number of killed as well as injured at the numbers still have to be confirmed and right now there are a lot of the police are there investigating their helicopters flying around the area all buses in the city have been evacuated to stop the services the shops have
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been closed in the center there are some people there who are stranded because they were requested to remain indoors because it's reported that least one of the assailants may still be at large all people there are also requested to stay in their homes and not go out into the streets now this is a surprising especially this doesn't happen much less in the european european capitals and it reminds people of the latest attack the recent attack in norway where a gunman there was an explosion in all slow and then a gunman went to the island of toil where there were students having who joining a political meeting the total death toll there was seventy seven that rocked the norwegian capital there and this incident here in belgium certainly rocking the country again the details to come as we get. live in brussels thank you. you watching r t occupy protesters in the united states of clashed with police as they stage some of their biggest demos to date storming ports up and down the west
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coast thousands of activists took their frustration to major shipping from california all the way to alaska hoping to disrupt trade and corporate profits nature can has more on the ongoing campaign. seattle police used flash bang percussion grenades to disperse protesters who blocked an entrance to an order of the adult facility police said multiple people have been arrested they did not specify how many of those those protests were part of a national effort to block the west west calls for trying to make thousands to go on board to disrupt what they described as an economic machine that benefits the wealthiest individuals and corporations the protesters cared for in need managed to disrupt the work of those major ports on the west coast in oakland before there was almost entirely shut down same in portland in l.a.
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now a bit about why courts the protesters say they want to cling to the profits of goldman sachs goldman sachs holmes who have one of the world's largest transportation and shipping out for the occupiers it's a way to make a point to get back. to bank wage has very much contributed to the financial crisis in new york a prior says marched in solidarity with their fellow protesters on the west coast they took their message to goldman sachs directly marching around the banks in the lower manhattan they can't afford it was almost two dozen people got arrested during you know what looked like a peaceful demonstration there so far as already said being quite successful in cracking down on those peaceful protesters across the united states this man killing their camps and making demonstrators more than five thousand peaceful protesters have been arrested in the last three months and those are as the only remaining you can be how live anymore and it does what it seems like it seems to be
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hope to have become business as usual as occupiers are being forced out of there are two five locations in parks and plazas all across america and members of the movement want to make sure that their message doesn't manage together with those ten is there enough. he's going after kind reporting now these latest protests come as a surprise to many who predicted the movement would simply fall away with the demise of the occupy tented cities but felipe massa seen a journalist who's been covering the group believes the police crackdown has been a trial by fire and the protesters have passed it with flying colors after an incubation period with the occupy movement really messaging and getting the message out across the country the finding the media blackout and then they began ridiculing it then they cannot be ignored the police cracking down in order to go for it across the country and now what's been happening in iraq for example and other across the country is that people are taking action at their own hands and
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really sending a message through the system through the power brokers in the country to business as usual the market today will be another mass showing of power and for there to a movement. they unfold across the west coast. paula still to come this hour here on out who's to blame for the great rift within the e.u. as a sanctions final direct we ask whether it really was in britain's best interests to veto the proposed new european treaty. is in your war and occupation has been an absolute disaster and we bring you expert opinion on the outcome of the u.s. led invasion of iraq troop withdrawal. hundreds of protesters have been storming ukraine's court of appeal that's where the country's former prime minister's conviction for abuse of power is being challenged
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yulia timoshenko is trying to avoid spending seven years in jail and artie's alexy you have ski is reporting from outside the courthouse. hundreds of supporters of huge machine going to try to storm the court building the appeal court building in kiev and now they're being held off by the police the situation is still simmering but tensions are calming down a little bit as we speak right now indeed the fate of ukraine's hold prime minister still remains in the shadows because we understand according to her lawyers that according to the iranian law the appeal decision the decision on her appeal cannot be taken without due to a psycho herself presence in the court room and she is not here and there's also a great deal of control received on that story as well so some sources say that she has a very serious blood disease other sources say that she has a ruptured spine and she cannot walk by herself that's why she was not delivered to the court building as of today on the other hand the medical crew inside the detention center report that to her condition is not as severe as it's been told
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and that in fact she can and she's able to attend this court session so it is a mystery why she was not delivered to the court building as of today now. it's being convicted to seven years in prison for abusing her power during when she signed gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine but even if the appeal court brings a positive decision on her appeal she would not be set free immediately because the stars you understand there's almost a dozen other charges against her this is only the first day of the appeal hearing and definitely this is not the last protest we'll be seeing over the next few weeks or even possibly months as some experts predict i'd like to yourself the reporting right that will lead us all here on out to our business to ask our takes a look at the energy deals now and both between russia and ukraine. well it looks like the ongoing gas displayed between russia and ukraine may soon be resolved decisive come to draft agreement on a new joint ventures and this would mean a plus i guess access to planes gas transport that work at one time gas price plus
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more and have the support. now it's sixteen minutes past. here in moscow the blame game continues in europe over who is responsible for the high level split over a new e.u. for school agreement the british prime minister who slapped a no on the deal said it like sufficient financial safeguards for the u.k. but european commission president jose manuel barroso says britain itself made compromise impossible demands or threatened the entire market historian and author thinks there was no agreement possible that would have at any point please the british government. there is no such thing as britain and a single national interest britain is a divided class society what benefits the rich in what benefits the bankers and the profiteers in the city is very very different from what benefits all the working people and the poor who are being hit really hard by the condo coalitions or
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sterrett program what's in our interest is to. end the domination of our economy by the city and by finance capital but also to reject the kind of. horse shit which is now being threatened in europe i would say a plague on both their houses and we've now entered what is in effect the second great depression and just as happened in the nineteenth thirty's europe's leaders are repeating the mistakes that deepened the depression in the thirty's which is to deflate in a crisis in a crisis you have to do the opposite if you if you impose austerity if you reduce demand you will drive the european economy deeper into deeper into mass unemployment deeper into mass impoverishment and that's the road down which they're now moving. and now there are many searching for a safe haven for their money and the global financial rollercoaster ride and of course max keiser and stacy herbert are among them because report coming in full
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next hour here on r.t. but for now a quick preview. mark fall for dr doom he was on bloomberg this week and he was asked about this whole euro zone crisis and what he's doing and basically yeah it's going to fall apart he believes that then the presenter asked him do you own dollars then instead of euros and look at his response. i have a very special stock keeps for you. the same police g. d i don't know what i prefer to hold i'm glad he finally jumped on my bandwagon you know since two thousand and three i've been ninety percent gold and silver and that's what we've been telling people to do it's worked out with this past decade it will work the same the next decade.
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because reporters about an hour and ten minutes from now u.s. troops finally due to withdraw from iraq by december thirty first battle marks the end of nearly nine years of war u.s. president barack obama reiterated that point at a joint news conference with iraq's prime minister who's on an official visit to washington obama says the troops are leaving a suffer and self-reliant iraq but as our own thomas discovered many iraqis still wonder what america actually accomplished in the first place. as two thousand and eleven draws to an end and historical chapter for iraq and the us is finishing as well the occupation is over. i'm glad that the americans are leaving who are still concerned because after the troops leave we do not know what will happen next meanwhile despite all the efforts by the us there is doubt that anything significant has been accomplished in implementing a new form of democratic government but i think that's why.
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the old system is. and they split the hoping they have nothing to loose this thing which is more done from said down syndrome that's for generations iraq has been plagued by sectarian violence now moving forward there is concern whether different parties can agree to work together for the benefit of the country but the problem with us of course is that i know. for sure that photo from the. book now the problem. why didn't it turns up what it's called. one of the problems here in iraq is that the infrastructure it was already crumbling but as the conflict progressed it was all but destroyed now the people living here say there's a lot of rhetoric about rebuilding but the political infighting and corruption is blocking any real progress the military is getting pretty big footing and i think
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the uptick in this is down the road see yet another new projects will be thinking you need. to see the see the security just a little business like that let's look at i think over and beyond the political challenges there has been an exodus of critical thinkers and educated talent in the country a much needed resource for any developing nation we need people working in need to see the world and if you keep. everything so we need not you still believe i'm ready to go on where you are. leaving your rockies in a position of continued reliance on american resources in baghdad sean thomas party . and the like we hear from a former indian ambassador to iraq and author of the book called the ultimate prize he thinks that america doesn't plan a complete pullout from the middle east country and if you are in full later this hour but for now a preview. i don't consider this an american withdrawal i think it's just
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a reshuffling of the pack if you would grow from iraq completely you leave this. in the hands of a shiite led government which means we're going on to counter this the americans have now called for withdrawing the troops but at the same time strengthening the position in iraq now the u.s. embassy in iraq is going to be almost twenty thousand strong it's going to have numerous. offices like training training of troops etc who will be. basically americans who would be military men but working for the u.s. embassy by agreeing to withdraw troops as per the agreement they are coming back building civilian clothes and in fact i don't see any lessening of american influence as far as iraq is concerned.
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ok before we do the business with kareena now a quick look at what else is making news around the world for you this hour. a new president on certain matters of korea has been sworn in and now leads a transitional government becoming the country's first leader after the popular uprising almost a year ago president. was asked that after weeks of public protests the election of the interim leader follows approve all over the weekend of temporary bylaws to guide the nation to a new constitution can be adopted. canada has pulled out of a one thousand and ninety seven c. global warming kyoto protocol becoming the first nation to reject the accord formally along with japan and russia this country said last year it would not accept new kyoto commitments because the treaty won't help to solve the world's climate crisis the departure comes a day after further climate talks in south africa lead to a new agreement which is set to replace the kyoto protocol by two thousand and
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fifteen. like i said now time for the business with kareena. thanks for joining. us and i guess dispute between russia and ukraine says a deal will not done by the end of the year any reports in t. of save the sides have come to a draft agreement on forming a new joint ventures this would effectively guarantee russian access to the ukrainian gas transport network in return cut price cut gas supplies jenna bush has more. on the face of it this is a success for all sides so supply transit to ukraine and european gas customers most importantly finally gets a say in the point line but politics are always just below the surface of any rush ukraine agreement current ukraine lead to the cove which is pushing a hold to get as cheap russian gas as possible for ukraine but this may be
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a case of the you know because on thursday. with russia this deal allows mosco to present a solution to the gas tensions that we see every christmas in two thousand and nine and two thousand and six ukraine even cut off russian gas to european families european consumers were affected that the trouble for russia continues cloying russian gas to europe are also affected is that ukraine remains highly politically unstable ukraine's last prime minister yulia timoshenko is in court today fighting her conviction for being too generous with russia on a previous gas deal with many ukrainians still opposing closer ties with this deal could easily be affected if the russian bloc returns to prominence in key of. let's have a look at the markets oil rebound from a two week low after a report showing improved investor confidence and germany dropped to the lowest
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level in around two weeks all signs about. brant blend trading at one hundred and eight dollars a barrel at. just over nine dollars a barrel this hour european stock markets recover some ground and choppy trade support by spotted by resource stocks banking the banks remain under pressure on jitters over the debt crisis germany has a getting a boost automaker volkswagen rose over one and a half percent after the firm reported that the vendor sales of its core passenger car brands rose fifteen percent from the earlier. and here in russia markets every bounce the r.t.s. is up over one percent and in my eyes. x. is gaining over two percent at evening session let's have a look at some individual channels on my six spoiled majors among the main game is with. the two point two percent porter's gold is bouncing back from earlier losses it was three percent on monday after its main shareholder russian billionaire me.
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announced he would run for president and still make a seven star is also gaining after use of a possible merger with a rival yes. the ongoing shareholder tensions in russian british tainted b.p. could see another twist b.p.'s calling on the oil venture to file a lawsuit against the board members nominated by the russian owners. according to newspaper very misty the british major claims they are new about being peace plans to form an alliance with ross nath in advance and did not inform the board they are eventually blog the prospects of the proposed offer to expiration and share swap deal on the basis that it broke the shareholder agreement with b.p. . well that's it for this hour we'll be back in less than one hour with more thanks thanks for watching.
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